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A Certificate of Training will be sent directly to your church or organization if you provide the e-mail address (not the website address), otherwise you are responsible for providing it to your organization. Please keep a copy for your records.

Volunteers have the same legal rights given to paid employees under federal, state and local sexual harassment laws.

Both paid and volunteer workers have the same rights to an environment free from sexual harassment under Diocese of Northern California policies.

Verbal and physical conduct may constitute harassment when such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Unwelcome verbal conduct includes inappropriate electronic communication that was sent accidentally, i.e. hitting the “forward” button instead of “reply,” or forgetting that a particular individual or worker is on one of your group lists.

Unwelcome conduct may be:

Quid Pro Quo can be translated as:

The person responsible for creating the hostile environment can only be a supervisor or co-worker.

A hostile work environment involves repeated actions of a sexual nature that make the work environment hostile, offensive, or intimidating to the victim even the unwelcome conduct does not interfere with another’s work performance.

Workplace harassment occurs:

Sexual harassment is a serious violation which may leave a victim feeling:

Harassment in the workplace may result in

Only women experience harassment.

If you believe that you or someone else has been subjected to sexual exploitation, you should report it to:

All supervisors and those with pastoral leadership are required to report any suspected or known policy violations to the rector, clergy person in charge, senior warden, bishop or safe church coordinator of the congregation.

Complaints may be made

This training is for those who work or volunteer in diocesan programs. If your church has 50 or more employees the supervisor would have to take a separate sexual harassment training at least once every two years to comply with AB 1825.

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